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Hoke teacher in school lunch flap resigns

Posted March 8, 2012 2:07 p.m. EST

— A pre-kindergarten teacher in Hoke County has resigned after coming under fire after swapping out some children's homemade lunches with school lunches last month.

Margaret Maynor resigned from her position at West Hoke Elementary School on Feb. 28, Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Benson said Thursday. She had worked at the school since September 2007.

Maynor made national headlines three weeks ago by replacing students' lunches with a meal from the school cafeteria featuring chicken nuggets after deeming that the homemade lunches didn't meet set nutritional guidelines.

Conservative bloggers and even members of Congress questioned what they saw as an unwarranted intrusion into youngsters' meals.

Hoke County Schools officials later acknowledged that Maynor made a mistake, saying she was only supposed to provide the missing item – a carton of milk in this case – and not swap out the entire lunch.