Hillside High School student hit by vehicle, taken to hospital

Posted November 3, 2015 8:42 a.m. EST
Updated November 3, 2015 8:25 p.m. EST

— A 14-year-old student from Hillside High School in Durham was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning after being hit by an SUV near the school, Durham police said.

The incident happened at about 7:15 a.m. in the 3700 block of Fayetteville Street, directly in front of the school, police said. The driver of the SUV, Kitty Stovall, 34, of Durham, remained on the scene.

The student was identified Tuesday night as Jordyn Davis, 14, of Durham. She was being treated at a local hospital for serious injuries. Stovall was not injured in the incident.

Police said that Stovall was driving a GMC Yukon SUV north on Fayetteville street when the accident happened. Stovall had the green light, according to witnesses at the scene.

While there is a crosswalk at the intersection, many students do not use it and cross the busy street before the light turns red.

"Someone is going to get killed and I don't want it to be one of the kids," said Barbara Lofton, a community activist.

Shonteia Jones was on a bus nearby when she heard the crash Tuesday morning and called for help.

"It was so loud. I thought it hit a car," she said. "It was terrible."

Jones, Lofton and other community activists say they want to see more done to protect students when they are crossing the busy intersection.

"Get the patrols, the police, or the sheriff's department to come out here and direct traffic from 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.," Lofton said.

A school spokesperson said they have been asked about a crossing guard in the past, but did not say if the district will assign one.

Representatives of both the Durham Police Department and Durham County Sheriff's Office are investigating what happened.

No charges are expected to be filed against Stovall, said police.