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Hillcrest football players perform act of service after losing big game

Posted October 27, 2017 4:00 p.m. EDT

— Hillcrest High School senior Justin Moore is learning that one act of service can lift his spirits when he is down.

Moore is the fullback/linebacker for the Hillcrest Knights. He and his teammates played Highland High School last Friday night. A final score of 45 to 29 advanced Highland into the playoffs, leaving Moore and his teammates behind. This was the end of Moore's high school football career.

After the game, Moore and his friends were mourning their loss. That's when Moore got a text from his dad offering a unique way to pick themselves up.

"He said, 'I know you're taking this pretty hard. But if you and your friends could help me with this project, I'd really appreciate that,'" Moore tells

Moore's father wanted his son and some of his football friends to come help lay carpet and put in flooring in his grandparents house.

"Even though we were feeling pretty sad, we headed right over," Moore said.

Ruth Judd, Moore's grandma, apparently was not at home when this took place. asked her how she reacted to the new floor and carpeting.

"I just couldn't hardly believe it," Judd says. "They outdid themselves. They worked so hard and just did a beautiful job. I've never seen a floor so pretty."

Moore say this experience has given him a new perspective.

"It made me realize there is more to life than football. Everything I did everyday was to prepare for varsity football, (but) there are great things I can do for the world, not just for myself or my teammates," Moore said.