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St. Agnes Hospital

Hidden History: Exploring abandoned historic remains around Raleigh

Did you know Raleigh had a NASCAR speedway in the 1950s and the remains of the track are still in the woods near Atlantic Avenue?

Or that the overgrown remains of an old cobblestone tunnel runs beneath downtown Raleigh?

Or that the remains of one of Raleigh's first airplane runways, around a century old, can be found in a little green space between two neighborhoods?

Hidden History's Heather Leah

Digital Journalist Heather Leah, a fifth-generation Raleighite, explores lost history that's often not found in the mainstream history books. She digs through the State Archives, explores underground tunnels and secret places, interviews long-time Raleighites for oral histories--and brings the photos and stories to you.

Let's keep Raleigh's memories alive. Have an idea for the our Hidden History segment? You can contact her at hleah@wral.com.

Hidden History: The Village Subway