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Help a Mom: Child care for infants

A expectant mom wonders how she'll be able to afford infant care. How did you make it work?

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

From time to time, I get questions from readers about a variety of things. And I pose their questions here in an occasional series that I like to call "Help a Mom."

Today, it's a question from K. of Raleigh, who was wondering how she and her husband could afford infant care. I recommended she check out the Child Care Services Association and also the state's listing and ranking of child care providers, which you can find on the N.C. Division of Child Development's website.

But I'm sure many of you have suggestions, tips or advice for her. So please include it in the comments below. Here's what she wrote:

"I just found out last week that I'm pregnant. I'm really freaking out about the cost of quality child care. We can't afford for me to not return to work, but the cost of a good daycare center, for an infant, will take one of my two paychecks each month. Is there any guidance you can give me about finding GOOD daycare centers that aren't outrageously expensive, or finding an in-home provider? My degree is in Child Development and I worked in child care myself for several years before getting fed up with the low pay and other issues. I'd love to find a center that has cameras where we could log in during the day to see what's going on and check on things, but I'm quite sure we can't afford that if we can't afford a center that does NOT have cameras."

I'm sure K. isn't the only one out there with this question!

And if you have another question you'd like for me to pose to readers, email me.

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