Hear it from Hutch: North Elementary

WRAL photojournalist Greg Hutchinson introduces you to North Elementary.

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When I started working on this blog I didn’t really know where I was going to go with it. I figured after a few bands I would have some idea and structure, but for the most part I was clueless. Now that I have finished a few I think I am in the middle of something awesome. I guess I should get to my point.


Originally I had several bands in mind that I would profile. They were all, in my opinion, the best of the Triangle music scene. But I think of the 6 that I have worked with so far, one band that I originally wanted to talk to is actually on this page.


The rest were all recommended by other bands and it all seems to be snowballing from there.


North Elementary is no exception. Their friendship with Schooner helped us meet up, and now, they are my latest subject.

So far, NE has been around far longer than any other band I have talked to. They have a ton of great songs and albums to choose from. Not to mention, just like all the other bands, they are all great people.


It was hard to shoot this one because they practice so spread out. I also wanted to break away from using my flat, one-light method of shooting these (yeah, I’m lazy). So I busted out a red gel and tried some back lighting and tried to find some shadows.


I also played a little with the effects on Edius (WRAL’s editing software) to break the monotony a little.


I think it turned out pretty unique. (Video Link)


I highly recommend making North Elementary part of your music collection. But don’t take my word for it, have a listen, follow their links, and hey, go catch a show!

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