Hear it from Hutch: Aminal

Triangle area band Aminal plays a new song, Hopeless to Ignore, off their soon-to-be-released record, Bang All Our Drums.

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Here is a Chapel Hill trio I really didn’t know much about until recently.

I did a little research and immediately decided that the world needed to know more about Aminal, and that’s what I’m here for, right?

I know I know, at first you ask: Aminal, where did they get that name? So, I drummed up some journalistic ambition and asked.

Drum roll please...

It turns out, Aminal was something lead singer Patrick O’Neill saw spray painted behind a restaurant he used to work at.

There is also a graffiti art group out of Asheville with the same name… who knows if they are connected, but that’s their story!

The song you hear in the video blog is, Hopeless to Ignore (from their upcoming album, Bang All Our Drums). And from my understanding it isn’t quite finished. But this is your sneak preview… I’ve heard it about a hundred times at this point, and I’m still not sick of it.

But that’s the beauty of this blog, you can be the judge.

I'm also not sick of hearing Patrick’s answer as to how they would “classify” their band.

It looks like Aminal is going to start playing more live shows soon with an emphasis on getting out of the area to spread their name.

These guys are just good people (and great musicians) and would love it if you stopped by to show them some support, and to just say hello!

I think you will find these guys have a great chemistry and their music certainly doesn’t suffer from that.

As always, follow their web links and check out the video blog.



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