HB2 is McCrory's albatross while Obama's job approval sees an uptick

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016: A diverse set of North Carolinians don't like HB2 and even more say it hurts the state. At the same time, President Obama's sees an improvement in his job approval.

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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016 – House Bill 2 continues to be the self-inflicted wound that won’t stop bleeding for incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. The Monmouth University Poll revealed that nearly across the board – independents, men, women, whites, non-whites, college degree, no-college degree, lower, moderate and upper income – disapprove of HB2. Only those who identify as Republicans and conservatives have majorities backing the legislation. When asked, regardless of whether they approve or disapprove of HB2, majorities or strong pluralities, in EVERY category, say that the bill has been bad for the state – including 56% of Republicans; 47% of conservatives, 66% of males and 68% of whites.

Democratic President Barack Obama’s job approval from North Carolinians has improved with time. Over the last two years, according to the CNN poll, North Carolinians have shifted their view of his job performance – though still sharply divided. Two years ago, just 38% of North Carolinians approved of the job he was doing while 58% disapproved. In the survey conducted this week, CNN found a 12-point uptick with 50% approving of his work while 49% disapprove.

You can find detailed results of the Monmouth poll for North Carolina to download here, and the full CNN North Carolina poll is available here.

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