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Hartford homicide victim's family discusses violence at vigil

Posted June 12, 2018 10:32 p.m. EDT

— On Tuesday night, friends and family members of a Hartford father who died after being shot in the back are sad and angry.

They are sad to lose a loved one and angry that this kind of crime is happening over and over again in the capital city.

It was another emotional night in Hartford in what has become a

On Tuesday night, loved ones gathered to remember the city's tenth homicide victim this year.

A 34-year-old who was shot in the back near Hamilton Street and Brookfield Street last week.

His name was Miguel Perez and he was loved by many.

"Our family is broken. He didn't deserve to die. He leaves behind a son, an eight-year-old," said Lindsay Fernandez, Perez's cousin.

Murders and shootings are both up this year in the capital city.

Police are stepping up patrols, and the city is spending more on community programs to stem the violence.

People who live in rough Hartford neighborhoods like Will Franklin say the problem has no easy fix.

He believes much of the bloodshed is tied to a vicious cycle of poverty.

"When you're born into certain circumstances and you don't have the help that's is required to get you out of that situation you are going to make decisions based on the situation that you are in. You're going to do it," said Franklin.

At the vigil site, Fernandez pleads for more peaceful streets.

She hopes increased resources can play a role, but one thing she and Will agree on is that, whether it comes to solving Perez's murder or creating safer streets the folks who live there, will have to rely on each other.

"I'm just asking anyone knows anything to come forward and speak up and bring justice to our family," said Fernandez.

Police are still investigating Perez's murder.

He was a driver for a ride-sharing app and he drove his car into a fire hydrant after he was shot, but police haven't said if he was working when he was killed.