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Harris Teeter Super Doubles brag thread!

Posted August 18, 2014 6:59 a.m. EDT

Harris Teeter Super Doubles


Here it is - the place to share your awesome receipt totals, crazy shopping stories and everything else related to this Harris Teeter Super Doubles event!  To read the receipt totals and comments from everyone else, click the Comments conversation bubble at the top right of this post.

****Help!! Please post your totals from Wednesday in the comments section because I am going to total them up Wednesday night and post how much we all saved and spent! I can't wait to see what our collective savings are for the first day of Super Doubles!

My Totals

Here are my totals from the shop I did at 7 am Wednesday morning. You can see everything I bought in the photo above. It is shocking that these 20 items would normally be $109 without sales and coupons. The hair care and tampons are especially expensive at regular price at every store. I am so thankful for promotions like this one at Harris Teeter that enable us to get such amazing deals and never pay anywhere close to full price!

Subtotal before sale and coupons: $109.79

Amount saved: $108.25

Amount paid: $1.54

% saved: 98!

My store allowed me to use 2 competitor's CVS Extrabucks coupons totaling $6.

To figure your totals, follow these steps:

Amount saved: Take the Coupons Tendered total and the Balance Due total and add them together to get the amount you would have paid before sales and coupons

Amount saved is the Coupons Tendered total

Amount paid: That is obviously the Balance Due total

Percent saved: Take the Amount Saved total divided by the Subtotal before sales and coupons to get the % you saved. 

In the above example, I took $108.25 divided by $109.79 = .98 (98%)


To see the long Harris Teeter Super Doubles deals list, click on the link above.  And if you feel you had a good shopping experience, you may want to call customer service at Harris Teeter and thank them for the promotion.  If you had a great cashier (like I did - Ursula, you rock!), it's always nice to share your positive comments with corporate.