Happy 75th birthday Kurt Loder!

How in the world is Kurt Loder 75?

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Lisa Respers France
CNN — How in the world is Kurt Loder 75?

Yes, the famed MTV newsman turned 75 on Tuesday, much to the astonishment of the Internet.

The blast from the past had people not only feeling nostalgic, but also longing for the days when the Music Television cable network actually played music videos.

Now it's known for show's like "Teen Mom" and "Jersey Shore Family Vacation."

But back in the 1980s Loder was a Rolling Stone magazine editor who found TV fame hosting MTV News and its various specials.

These days he hosts the SiriusXM radio show "True Stories" and is pretty active on Twitter.

But while he didn't shout out his own birthday Tuesday, he graciously accepted several birthday wishes.

"Happy birthday to Kurt Loder who, despite turning 75 today, is and has always been 51," writer Bess Kalb tweeted.

To which the birthday boy/pop icon responded "Was hoping we could keep that between you and me..."

So we weren't the only ones who thought Loder was still a quinquagenarian.

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