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Halloween lights: Your guide to the most stunning, spooky Halloween decor in the Triangle

Posted October 25, 2020 6:35 p.m. EDT
Updated October 29, 2020 4:01 p.m. EDT

As Halloween draws near, more families are looking for a spooky dose of fun. Consider this your guide to the best light shows and houses with the most stunning displays.

Already, there are homes with electrifying displays – everything from eerie light displays synced to Halloween music, to a graveyard of talking animatronic heads from horror movie's most classic monsters. Some homes have skeletons crawling all over their walls; others have giant dinosaurs and dragons roaming their yards.

One particular neighborhood in Holly Springs has multiple impressive displays all within a five-minute drive of each other. Another neighborhood in Garner has a similar collection of eye-popping decor.

How do you find the most memorable displays? WRAL will collect the best Halloween houses right here, adding to the list as more homes are submitted. If you know of a spook-tacular home worthy of being added to the list, send photos and an address to our Report It.

Holly Springs Halloween houses

1. Holly Springs - 220 Point Park Circle

Best Halloween lights and decor in the Triangle.

This Holly Springs home got all dressed up for Halloween. With skeletons climbing the walls, giant animated ghosts, and a vivid neon green and purple color palate that makes the entire yard feel like a Tim Burton Movie -- it's a must-see for Halloween!

2. Holly Springs - 200 Mystic Quartz Lane

Best Halloween lights and decor in the Triangle.

This Holly Springs home has an impressive light display set to music. Giant singing faces serenade visitors from behind multiple graves and an enormous skeletal horse. Lines of lights create actual cartoon designs, which dance along and tell stories that go along with classic Haloween favorites like 'Thriller,' Ghost Busters,' and 'This is Halloween.' It's a great place for an impromptu sidewalk dance party.

3. Holly Springs - Diggory Drive

Fans of classic horror movies will especially appreciate this creepy yard, set up like a graveyard full of moving, animatronic monsters from famous Halloween movies. Talking heads quote eerie lines, while life-sized monsters and villains move around the yard. This is their 14th year setting up their impressive display, and the experience shows.

4. The Skeleton House - Skygrove Drive, Holly Springs

Skeleton house at Skygrove Drive in Holly Springs

This wildly popular Skeleton House has drawn an immense number of excited visitors, and used its popularity to raise over $6,000 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Garner Halloween houses

5. Live characters in costume - 338 Meadowmist Drive Garner, NC

Halloween displays in the Triangle.

This interactive display won first place in the neighborhood lights competition. Crowds gather on the street just to visit with their favorite classic horror movie villians, like Pennywise, Michael Meyers, Freddy Kreuger, the girl from The Ring and several other spooky creatures. Pennywise even pops out of a sewer grate with a red balloon!

WRAL visited this house, live streaming our spooky experience with the classic horror villains.

6. Graveyard beneath the full moon - 622 Adams Point Drive, Garner

Halloween displays in the Triangle.

This artfully-done house is especially eye-catching beneath the full moon, which is expected to arrive for Halloween. The cemetery gates were handmade, as well as rows of perfectly-carved, glowing pumpkins that have been created by the owner for years and years. Step up and take a closer look -- if you dare.

7. Animatronic creatures hidden in mist - 142 Fawn Hill Ct., Garner

Halloween displays.

Several surprises are hidden in the purple mist outside this house. Zombies crawl out of the ground, creatures with glowing eyes laugh and reach for you, and real-life actors chase you. Which creatures are real and which are animatronic? You'll have to get closer to find out.

8. Pet Cemetery and dancing skeletons - 157 Retriever Court, Garner

Halloween displays in the Triangle.

A spooky Pet Cemetery with skeletal dogs, mice, birds and other creatures takes up the central portion of the yard. In the background, towering animatronic creatures with glowing eyes laugh eerily. Along the side of the house, visitors will find dancing giant skeletons, which can't help bring to mind the classic "Spooky, Scary Skeletons."

9. Raleigh - Oakwood Halloween House

A downtown Raleigh classic, the Oakwood Halloween House is decorated nearly all year long, with a life-sized velociraptor guarding the front porch. But during Halloween, they go all-out, with dinosaurs, dragons, gothic gargoyles, scary statues, and an entire yard full of Halloween delights.

10. Fleming Family Lights - 228 Rothes Court, Clayton

Fleming Family Lights at Halloween

Known for their impressive Christmas display, Fleming Family Lights is setting up a Halloween display with strobe lights and ghosts. Their Facebook page keeps visitors updated on when their lights will be on.

11. Dancing skeletons - Francia Family Display - Padstone Drive, Apex

Al Francia and his family have created an out-of-this-world Halloween display you have to see to believe – just watch the above video for yourself! It features a dancing 12-foot-tall skeleton, a haunted graveyard with actual flying ghosts, and the star of the show – a 5-minute projection video with spooky musicians hidden inside the garage. See WRAL's coverage of last year's display or stop by nightly to enjoy the show in person.

12. The Spider Den of Five Points - Five Points neighborhood

The Spider Den of Five Points

This house is located in the Five Points neighborhood of Raleigh – but it's been overrun by giant spiders! In the daytime, you can see the white, stringy spider webs being spun by gargantuan arachnids all over the front of the house. But at night, as the house lights up, the dwelling takes on a more sinister look and the true nature of this spooky spider den is revealed! Watch out for the 25 foot spider web suspended from the roof. Can you count how many creatures have taken over this house?

13. Harry Potter themed display - 203 Homegate Circle, Apex

Cool Halloween display

If you're a muggle that loves magic, this mystical Harry Potter house in Apex is better than a visit to Diagon Alley! With Ron's worst nightmare – a giant spider – and directional signs to Azkaban, Hogwarts and more, it's a magical stop on Halloween night.

Plenty more haunted homes - let WRAL know about them!

If you know of a Halloween house in the Triangle area, please let us know about it! Send photos and the address to Report It, and we may include it on our ever-growing list!

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