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Halloween Light Guide: The Triangle's most shocking, spooky Halloween displays

As Halloween draws near, more families are looking for a spooky dose of fun. Consider this your guide to the best light shows and houses with the most stunning displays.

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Heather Leah
, WRAL multiplatform producer

Halloween is almost here, and it's time to start driving around to enjoy the most spook-tacular decoration displays in the Triangle!

Once again, some locals have gone above and beyond to spread the Halloween spirit, with light displays that flicker along to music, houses being attacked by skeletons, and even an entire street that has changed its name to Gravestone Court.

How do you find the most memorable displays? WRAL will collect the best Halloween houses right here, adding to the list as more homes are submitted. If you know of a Halloween house worthy of being added to the list, send photos and an address to our Report It.

Deadford Manor Halloween light display in Raleigh.

1. Deadford Manor - 10839 Bedfordtown Drive, Raleigh

Deadford Manor looks like a Haunted Mansion straight from a Tim Burton movie. The interactive display features a handmade animatronic singing skeleton show that runs multiple times nightly.

The family comes out to hand out candy during all shows. Deadford Manor's Facebook page has videos and photos of their display in action.
Halloween displays in the Triangle

2. Graveyard beneath the full moon - 622 Adams Point Drive, Garner

This artfully-done house is especially eye-catching beneath the full moon, which is expected to arrive for Halloween. The cemetery gates were handmade, as well as rows of perfectly-carved, glowing pumpkins that have been created by the owner for years and years. Step up and take a closer look -- if you dare.

3. Rock n ' Roll skeletons - 703 Powell Drive, Raleigh

What's worth rising from the dead? Rock n' Roll, of course! This cemetery features skeletons clawing from the earth, ready to rock out with an enormous skeleton leader. With flashing light effects and glowing eyes, the giant skeletal centerpiece is visible from down the road.

Best Halloween displays in the Triangle

4. Oakwood Halloween house - 504 Oakwood Ave., Raleigh

A downtown Raleigh classic, the Oakwood Halloween House is decorated nearly all year long, with a life-sized raptor guarding the front porch.

During Halloween, they go all-out, with dinosaurs, dragons, gothic gargoyles, scary statues, and an entire yard full of Halloween delights.

Raleigh resident and Army veteran, Anthony Crincoli, enjoys decorating for the Halloween season. With a garage – and attic – filled with Halloween décor, his fiancé barely has room for herself. Each year, the decorations go up and the neighbors gather for pictures. Committed to serving his fellow veterans throughout the year, Anthony thought Halloween should not be any different. 

This year, the Halloween decorations go beyond an Instagram-worthy selfie. He is asking those who visit to consider donating to Ma Deuce Deuce (MA22), an organization dedicated to providing information and education regarding the network of services available to military veterans classified with special needs. 

Funds will specifically go towards two efforts:

1.	Sending the remains home of a soldier who died fighting in Ukraine 
2.	Purchasing a car for a veteran with terminal cancer who needs to get to treatments and Dr.’s appointments 

Serving with both soldiers in 4ID PSD company, this is a cause close to Anthony’s heart,  

Now - October 31, 2022

4412 Densmore Place, Raleigh NC 27612

Media Contact
Anthony Crincoli

5. Haunted house supporting war veterans - 4412 Densmore Place, Raleigh

An army veteran with a garage – and attic – filled with Halloween décor, puts up this display for the enjoyment of the community – and to raise money for his fellow veterans.

The huge display includes a cemetery with multiple giant skeletons. The skeletal centerpiece, draped in black, guards the gateway to death with an enormous sword. Beside him, a casket is carried into the graveyard.

The owner asks those who visit to consider donating to Ma Deuce Deuce (MA22), an organization dedicated to providing information and education regarding the network of services available to military veterans classified with special needs.

6. Dancing ghosts and music - 3424 South Pointe Drive, Apex

Skeletons, ghosts and ghouls have taken over this Apex home. Eerie music fills the air, and in the distance the shadows of the dead dance in circles on a white backdrop. Projections of ghosts swirl around the side of the house. Even the windows show ghosts peaking out from inside.

There's plenty of movement, music and flashing lights at this haunted house -- and you can see skeletons carrying away the last person who stopped to visit.

Which Halloween displays did we miss?

Do you have a favorite local Halloween display? Help us find the spookiest and coolest Halloween decor in the Triangle by sharing a photo and an address here.


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