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Halifax deputy shoots self during pursuit

Deputy Charlie Jenkins accidentally hit his own hand while attempting to subdue a suspect after a chase off N.C. Highway 561 near Enfield, officials said.

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ENFIELD, N.C. — Deputy Charlie Jenkins of the Halifax County Sheriff's Department accidentally shot himself in the hand early Tuesday while chasing a suspect, authorities reported.

Jenkins was attempting to stop a man on a scooter just after midnight off N.C. Highway 561 near Enfield, Lt. Bobby Martin said.

With Jenkins in pursuit, Darvin Johnson, 40, of Enfield, jumped off his scooter and ran into a cotton field, Martin said. The two wrestled and Johnson managed to get the deputy's flashlight and tried to strike Jenkins in the head.

Jenkins put up his hand to block the flashlight and fired his gun at the same time, Martin said. The bullet hit his left hand, then struck Johnson in the shoulder.

Both men were treated at Halifax Regional Hospital and released.

Johnson was sent to the Halifax County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, driving with his license revoked, driving without registration and resisting a public officer.

Johnson was wanted by the Enfield Police Department on warrants for traffic and drug offenses.

Halifax County Sheriff Jeff Frazier has said it is of his opinion that Jenkins did everything by protocol. The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting, which is standard in officer-involved shootings.