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Guest Mom: Why iPhone made me a better mom

Posted July 6, 2010 10:35 p.m. EDT

Even in the world of technophobes, all moms are likely to have a cell phone (if you don’t, you need to rethink your “in case of emergency” strategy). But how about a smart phone? How smart can it really be?

If you are working mom, chances are pretty good that you have a least considered buying a BlackBerry or iPhone. Sometimes it’s a necessity for working moms to be connected to email and phone in times of personal or business emergencies. Some moms have a hard time justifying the cost of such an item. Maybe you should consider a smart phone a necessary tool of the trade. Let me tell you how it’s made my life easier.

I have had an Apple iPhone for about three years now. When I first got it, you couldn’t buy or add any applications. It was a neat phone with simple email, voicemail and a nice camera. Now it’s become my PED, my personal entertainment device (that’s a phrase I coined).

In addition to all of the above, I can download hundreds of apps for free and thousands for typically under $2. Think that simply complicates your life? Here’s how I use it:


I’m always available wherever I go. Whether or not I choose to answer is still my prerogative. But I get immediate voicemails and texts. I can take a priceless photo of Junior and email it to my mom and text it to my husband. I can take a video. I can run into an old colleague and share my high resolution photo album right there on my phone. I can check Facebook and Twitter through dedicated apps.


I have a typical mother’s brain. I can remember the most mundane facts about Hollywood’s latest couple, but I forget when my husband has his dermatology appointment. We can sync our calendars together so we always know what the other one is doing. I can use Voice Memos to record things that I need to remember, usually while I’m driving the car. I can create a grocery list, a project list, a To Do list. I can make it as easy or as complex as I’d like – assign deadlines, task priorities, etc.


This is the crown jewel. Did you know there are learning games available on the iPhone for preschoolers? These aren’t mindless, go-sit-in-the-corner video games. These are games that teach numbers, ABCs and fine motor skills. And it can be pretty entertaining when mom wants a break of her own.


You can always find where you are, where you want to go and what’s nearby. Pull up Google maps and type in Thai. You’ll find all the nearest Thai restaurants and quickly get directions to each. Junior is screaming for a doughnut and you’re out of town? Type in doughnut and off you go.

The high-tech world is evolving every day. It can be intimidating if you aren’t keeping up. Play with a friend’s phone. Research online. Allow yourself a learning curve. You might be surprised at how complicated devices can simplify your life.

The iPhone isn’t the only smart phone out there. Many are available with the same functionality. I encourage you to explore!

Fadra Nally is wife, mother, and 15 year resident of Raleigh. When she's not chasing after her three year old son, she consults with businesses on marketing strategy and social media at Media Orbis. In the blogging world, she writes about marriage, motherhood, and marketing at all.things.fadra and focuses on women and mothers in the marketplace at lives less ordinary.