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Guest Mom: Moms can be social ... online

Posted June 29, 2010 6:26 p.m. EDT

It’s only been 3 ½ years since I became a mom but so much has changed in that short time. Not only am I seeing cooler high chairs and car seats, but I’m also seeing a technological world really catering to moms.

The biggest use of technology for me as a mom is to find and immerse myself in a community of like-minded moms. If you have family nearby or close neighbors, your community might be a phone call away. But many of us have transplanted from other areas of the country and lack that support network.

I found my closest mom friends through WakeMed’s Baby Steps class offered to new moms. The four of us stay close through our own Yahoo! Group where we shared questions, frustrations, pictures, and planned our playdates. Three years later, we have expanded to a tight-knit group of nine moms.

We are some of the lucky ones. I hear of moms struggling to find other women to connect with. And this is where technology and social media has helped make me a better mom.

Sign up for a Facebook account. You may have resisted because you hear how it can waste your time. The truth is that it’s an online scrapbook for you, your family, and your friends. Some of those friends might include someone from your seventh grade homeroom class, but chances are she has kids and can relate, share and even commiserate with you when needed!

Write a blog (Blogger is a good place to start). Especially for a former career women who ends up staying at home, weekdays can feel like workdays that never have a start time or quitting time. If writing is something you used to do, you may enjoy blogging about your experience as a mom or just about life in general.

Connect on Twitter. You might not “get” it. But think of it as having as little as 10 or as many as 10,000 friends in the next backyard over. When you’re out hanging up clothes, you can holler out any darn question you have. Wait a second and you’ll probably get more answers than you can fit in your laundry basket. People you’ve never met can offer you more answers and support than you could ever imagine.

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there, as you already know. It makes it a whole lot easier when you know you’re not the only one.

Fadra Nally is wife, mother, and 15 year resident of Raleigh. When she's not chasing after her three-year-old son, she consults with businesses on marketing strategy and social media at Media Orbis. In the blogging world, she writes about marriage, motherhood, and marketing at all.things.fadra and focuses on women and mothers in the marketplace at lives less ordinary.