Group offers low-cost solutions to troubled intersections

Posted September 23, 2009 6:05 p.m. EDT
Updated September 24, 2009 11:44 a.m. EDT

— Towns and cities are strapped for cash, so they're finding new ways to improve safety and reduce congestion at intersections.

The Regional Transportation Alliance, which consists of local engineers, city and business leaders, recently analyzed nearly three dozen problematic intersections in area municipalities and identified 10 intersections where smaller and less expensive solutions could be implemented to improve traffic flow and safety.

The Town of Cary identified several intersections with congestion issues while Raleigh identified intersections where safety was the primary concern.

Engineer Rynal Stephenson analyzed Varsity Road and Avent Ferry Road near North Carolina State University.

The solution there, he said, is to eliminate some of the parking spots on the side of the road that block the intersection. He also recommends removing the grass median and creating a left-turn lane.

"These measures will certainly significantly reduce the potential for crashes, particularly on the leg of the intersection," Stephenson said.

The estimated cost to fix is approximately $50,000.

Other intersections the RTA identified, include:

  •  Regency Parkway and Tryon Road, Cary
  •  N.C. Highway 55 and Carpenter Firestation Road, Cary
  •  N.C. Highway 54 and Cary Parkway, Morrisville
  •  Meeting and Walnut streets, Cary
  •  N. Roxboro and Latta-Infinity roads, Durham
  •  Roxboro and Mangum -147 ramp intersections (4), Durham
  •  Wade Avenue and Edwards Mill Road ramp intersections (2), Raleigh
  •  U.S. Highway 70 and Lead Mine-Blue Ridge roads, Raleigh
  •  Duraleigh and Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh

It's likely some of the projects will move forward, although it's too early to say which ones.

Each municipality will have to determine if the recommendations are something they want to move forward with. If so, they must also determine how to fund the projects.