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Group of protesters gather at Government Street Waffle House for Chikesia Clemons

Posted May 5, 2018 11:23 a.m. EDT

— It's been nearly three weeks since Chikesia Clemons was arrested at a Waffle House in Saraland. Many people standing strongly behind her after her aggressive arrest was captured on video and shared thousands of times across social media.

"We're just sitting in taking up space," Sheena Williams said. "So, like I said, they can't make any money today. It's been working this morning. We've had a lot of people turn away because the space is taken up. We buy what's minimal on the menu, coffee or get something to drink, sit there get a refill and hold the booth."

Saturday morning groups of people holding a waffle house sit in across the city for one reason - to stand with Chikesia.

"I hope to send a message to the corporation because it's not just him personal Saraland Waffle House, this is a corporation thing. we need to send a message to them and let them know that we're not out here to play. we're out here to get justice and that's it. It's not a personal attack on anybody," Asia Smith said.

"First and foremost I'm an activist and I'm an activist because I think that there's a lot of things going wrong with our world. I think that there are a lot of people that are suffering and I think that we need to stop that as much as we can," Holly Horn said. "I saw that video and I saw her suffering. I saw her suffering at the hands of brutal police officers who think that they have unlimited power over all of us. The Magna Carta was signed in 1060-something and that said that no one was above the law. What happened to that?"

The demonstrators says they won't stop until Clemons gets the apology and justice they believe she deserves.

"We can't have it, it's uncalled for. We have to protect our women, our men, our children," Williams said.

What happens after today, these demonstrators don't know; they're just hoping for change here in the port city.