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Group calls Little River endangered

Posted June 2, 2010 12:54 p.m. EDT

— An environmental group included the Little River in eastern Wake County among its annual list of America's Most Endangered Rivers.

American Rivers ranked Little River No. 4 on its list, issued Wednesday, because of Raleigh's plans to dam it to create a reservoir for the municipal water system.

The group maintains the $250 million dam and reservoir would submerge 1,150 acres of river habitat and destroy sensitive wetlands to provide 13.7 million gallons of drinking water per day.

"The community has worked hard to protect and restore the Little River through dam removal, historic preservation and conservation planning. It would be a crime for us to sacrifice such a beautiful and unique resource without first doing everything in our power to find viable alternatives,” Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Alissa Bierma said in a statement.

The Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation protects, restores and preserves the Neuse River basin, which includes Little River, through education, advocacy and enforcement of regulations.

Bierma said a water efficiency program could provide more water for less money to the municipal water system.