Hear it from Hutch: Local bands on the move

Gross Ghost

Posted July 14, 2012 5:02 p.m. EDT

I can’t say the origin of Gross Ghost would really surprise any regular to the Triangle music scene. Like so many bands, GG is the spawn of several other projects, friendships and experimentation.

As Mike Dillon and Tre Acklen would tell you, this particular project wasn’t forged with the intention of playing live. But after putting a few songs on the internet, interest in their creation forced their hand.

Since their operation was fairly skeletal, they sought to flesh out more of a live presence, and starting adding friends to the lineup. Now on their fifth lineup, Gross Ghost has put out an album that should be a part of any local music connoisseur’s collection.

The best thing about this interview was trying to get a description of their sound. As they danced around the concept and offered several variations (all surrounding the word “noise” ), it became clear that you just have to listen to understand.

You can easily download a digital copy of their album Brer Rabbit on their Bandcamp page. And as always, be sure to check out the video link.

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