Great coupon request adventure week 4!

Ok Smart Shoppers, we are in the home stretch for the Great Coupon Request Adventure! This is the last week to play so keep sending those e-mails and posting the coupons you have received!

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Faye Prosser

We in the home stretch of the Great Coupon Request Adventure challenge and your mailbox should be filling up with bunches of coupons for the items you use!

What coupons did you get this week?

The total value in coupons I have received so far as of 9/19 is $72.85. 

Plenty more have indicated they are sending coupons. The total is for the face value of the coupons and many will/have been doubled (including those $1 coupons at HT this week!).

I think my best score of the week was a sheet of coupons for $1 off various Kellogg's coupons, all of which doubled at HT! Two of the coupons were for $1 of ANY Kellogg's coupon!

If you are new to the adventure, it is worth your time to read som eof the comments from the last 3 weeks to see which companies are sending out coupons and those that are not. It will save you some time if you know who is sending out the good ones! The links to the last 3 weeks of comments are found in the box above. Goof luck!


Here's how it works:

Each week for 4 weeks (we are on the 4th week now), I will contact a minimum of 25 companies/brands and request coupons for items we use. Most contact will be via the customer contact section on the manufacturer's websites and sometimes through the company's toll-free phone numbers. I'll post an update on the blog weekly with the coupons I have received from the manufacturers. My goal is to see how many valuable coupons (for products we use) I can procure in the next month and how much I will save by using those coupons. It will also be fun to see what samples and freebies some of the companies will send with the coupons! Of course, I'll take pictures and include those in the weekly post.

Sample Letter to manufacturer to request coupons:

Hello, I am writing to let you know that we really enjoy using (name of product). (Write a few things you like about the product or how it helped in a specific situation, such as an illness.) We live on a budget and try to use coupons to help us stay within the budget. If you could send any coupons or samples of (name of product) we would really appreciate it. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Sincerely, (your name)

Your role in this adventure:

Your job is to contact as many companies as you would like and request coupons from those companies as well. Each week, post the coupons you have received or the companies you contacted on The Great Coupon Request Adventure blog post for the week. Everyone who makes a post will then be entered into the random drawing for one of 3 envelopes full of coupons! You can enter each week, so be sure to share your contacts and coupons received on each weekly blog post. If you enter each week, you will have 4 entries, increasing your chances of winning! You can post as many times as you want, but you can only earn one entry per week.

At the end of the four weeks, September 27, I'll randomly draw three names from all the entries. Each of the three winners will win an envelope full of coupons and whatever rebates I have available. The drawing will be held at 11:00 AM and the winners will be announced soon after.

So, what's in your mailbox?

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