Gray Young

WRAL Photojournalist Greg Hutchinson meets up with the Triangle rock group Gray Young.

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Leaving everything to interpretation seems to be the goal of the Triangle rock band Gray Young.

After talking with them for a short time, I realized they aren’t a band you can just corner and get scripted answers to your questions. They want you to decide what their songs are about and even what their band name, Gray Young, means.

Dan, the bassist, even joked that he enjoyed being in a band in which he couldn’t explain the name.

I won’t bombard you with my insight into their album, "Firmanent," but maybe in this video clip, you can decide for yourself what’s going on.
After that, I recommend following the band's Web links and getting a full taste of Gray Young.

I really enjoyed working with these guys. They take their music seriously, and when it came time to play their song, "Across the Loft," I felt like they played it as hard as they would for a large audience. Thanks guys!


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