Grants to Black-owned businesses ensure all voices are heard

The Coalition to Back Black Businesses is giving $5,000 grants to four local businesses.

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Monica Casey
, WRAL Durham reporter

Some Triangle-based businesses are getting a boost. The Coalition to Back Black Businesses is giving $5,000 grants to four local businesses.

They will use the money for rent, to pay staff and to give back to the community.

Neubia Harris is the owner of an education law firm working with students on special education matters.
"They need us," Harris said of her clients. "They need people who can speak for them, who are knowledgeable about the law."
The grant has allowed her firm to take on more pro bono cases.

"It gave us a little bit more freedom to do the things that we wanted to do, that maybe the resources aren't there for," she said. "In the pandemic, discretionary income is limited for families, and they're not able to afford litigation, but some of them need to be in litigation."

Michael Winkfield, owner of Wolf Fit personal training in Raleigh, said, "It's still dicey, you know. The economy's still topsy-turvy."

His business also received a grant from the Coalition to Back Black Businesses.

"What i love about owning a small business is the beautiful people in the community that actually want to help make your business successful," he said.

The Coalition awarded $1.62 million in grant funding to more than 300 businesses across 34 states. Most of those have fewer than five employees and have been in business for less than five years. The grant program also includes mentoring and business coaching for all of the recipients.

Harris says supporting Black businesses ensures all voices are heard.

"Sometimes it helps to have someone that looks like you across the table," Harris said.


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