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Granite City supply convoy returns from Houston after marathon trip Granite City supply convoy returns from Houston after marathon trip

Posted September 5, 2017 3:52 p.m. EDT

— It was just one of those spur of the moment things, a "do you think we could do it?" moment.

It started as an idea and a call out on Facebook

"I just kind of put it out there thinking we'd get a little bit of help," said Kyle Cobb, a resident of Granite City.

It was a call for supplies to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

In three days, the granite city community rallied and donated. Asking for a little morphed into a massive turn out as people dropped off stacks of water and showed up with cars stuffed to the brim.

"We ended up with two trucks and a trailer packed full of stuff," Cobb said.

They eventually ran out of space, so Cobb and three others hit the road to deliver the good.

"We drove straight through the night about 13 hours," he said.

The caravan arrived in Houston around 7:15 Sunday morning and took up spot in a parking lot to give things away.

"The first thing we noticed and everyone took is cleaning supplies, trash bags, masks, gloves to help cleanup and start over basically," Cobb said.

Four hours later, everything was gone and in the hands of those who truly need it in Houston.

"The amount of water they had standing is just its almost hard to believe," he said. "I think we ran for about 40 hours on no sleep and I'd do it again without batting an eye."

Cobb knows not everyone can hit the road like he did, but he wants to encourage anyone with the ability to donate.

"Anything to help. Those communities down there are just- I don't even know if devastated is the right word. There's just so much damage." he said.

Kyle goes back to work Tuesday like normal.

He said two other groups also traveled down from the area, including people from the Madison, Illinois Fire Department to deliver goods to other locations