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Grandmother Arrested After Allegedly Asking Grandson To Lie About 'Accidental' Shooting

Posted July 17, 2017 12:33 p.m. EDT

— A Dover woman has been arrested after asking her 10-year-old grandson to lie about an "accidental" shooting where her husband was shot in the leg.

According to the River Valley Leader, 51-year-old Kim Hawkins was arrested on Thursday, July 13, in relation to an incident where her husband was "accidentally" shot.

Originally, both grandparents stated that their 10-year-old grandson shot the pistol twice after being asked to retrieve it for the grandfather. One of the rounds ended up hitting the grandfather in the leg.

But the investigation continued and deputies managed to interview the 10-year-old boy after his mother contacted them.

The boy stated that his grandparents were arguing which led to Hawkins getting the pistol and shooting toward her husband.

The boy told deputies that his grandmother "did not mean to" shoot his grandfather.

Deputies also learned that the child tried to leave the residence, but his grandparents stopped him and "convinced" him to lie to the police.

Hawkins was arrested and then charged with second degree battery.