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Got accessories?

Posted March 26, 2010 8:26 p.m. EDT

When you get dressed, do you finish off your outfit with the perfect accessories, or do you dash out the door without even giving them a thought? Accessories can add so much to an outfit and help to boost your look quickly and easily. However, knowing the right accessories to wear and how to coordinate them can be a challenge in and of itself. Here are a few of my tips for selecting the right accessories for your outfit:

Color: Choose accessories that enhance the color of your outfit as well as your own personal coloring. Choose a necklace or earrings that bring out your eyes and you’ll really shine!

Style: How would you define your style? Classic? Romantic? Even with the most simple jeans and a T-shirt, accessories are a wonderful way to personalize your look and set you apart.

Bundles: Adding one great accessory can create impact, but creating an “accessory bundle” is a wonderful way to ensure your accessories are coordinated and create a cohesive look.

Scale: Although wearing statement jewelry is on trend this season, don’t let your jewelry wear you! Choose styles that work with your proportions and create balance.

So whatever accessories you choose, have fun with them and let them work for you, not against you. When your accessories are in the right colors, the right scale and grouped to suit your personal style, it really takes your look to the next level and makes you look gorgeous!

Mary Michele Little is a mom, image consultant and owner of One Chic Mama. Want to learn how to wear accessories with confidence? Then sign up for her upcoming Accessories 101 Workshop. Go to for details. And you can find her here on Fridays.