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Goldsboro tree-cutting company leaves damage

Sharon Moon wanted a large tree on her property taken down.

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CLAYTON, N.C. — Sharon Moon wanted a large tree on her Clayton property taken down.

“It was overhanging the house, and we were afraid that one day it was going to fall down,” she said.

Moon said the tree also made the area too shady for grass to grow.

In December, Moon hired Andy Williams, owner of Williams Tree and Stump Service in Goldsboro, to cut it down and leave it. When he finished, Moon paid Williams $300.

The next day, Moon noticed what else Williams did.

“There were pieces that were ripped off of the roof, at the edge. So, when you looked up, you could actually see gouges of the roof taken off when the tree came down. The gutter was all smashed up, dented, scratched and smashed in,” Moon said.

And the branches of another tree were left hanging.

“He had to have noticed,” she said, “and he never said one thing to us.”

Making it worse, the Moons had recently replaced the roof and added new siding.

Moon said she called Williams 16 times but never heard back.

She since had the house repaired and still needs to get the hanging tree branches pulled down.

Williams told 5 on Your Side that he did return Moon’s first call and agreed to go over there but “just didn’t.” He later paid Moon $375 to cover all of the repairs.

In hindsight, Moon said she wishes she had checked William's work before she paid him when he came to the door. 

“Life is hard enough, and to have to deal with people like this, I don't think it's fair to the consumer,” Moon said.

Moon advises other consumers not to pay until they make sure the work is done correctly. 


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