Goldsboro flood victims return to damaged, condemned homes

Posted October 17, 2016 5:21 p.m. EDT
Updated October 17, 2016 8:42 p.m. EDT

— Some people in Wayne County are finally getting a close look at the damage done to their homes by Hurricane Matthew.

Most people have returned to their flooded homes in Goldsboro and Wayne County and are finding they need a lot of help to piece their lives back together.

Emergency workers said they are trying to get cleaning supplies and other necessary items to residents and are working to set up a FEMA relief center as well.

Three Red Cross shelters were scheduled to close Monday and the 26 people still utilizing the facilities will be moved to a county shelter at School Street Elementary School.

Some victims returned home to find spray paint on their homes. The marks were placed there by rescuers during the flooding to indicate which houses had been checked.

Some residents found temporary condemned signs on their front doors.

Gilbert McNeil lives in a home that was passed down to him by his mother. They feel like the house is a piece of her, which is why they can't walk away even after the house has been condemned.

"Her famous words were everything's going to be alright, baby. everything's going to be alright.," McNeil said. "Take all of our money and get together and fix it up and that's what we are going to do."

According to officials, the signs mean residents can repair their homes, not that they have to be bulldozed. The signs mean the homes may not be safe because of how high the water rose inside and that some things may need to be mitigated before the home can be inhabited again.

“The city has started the process with their inspectors, going out and inspecting and if they put a condemned sign on it, it will have the city’s contact information on how to contact them about the building,” said Wayne County Fire Marshal Bryan Taylor.

Residents are recommenced to not stay in the home until after a final inspection.

Steps to repair homes:

  • Determine damage to home
  • Contact City of Goldsboro inspections department for free permits
  • Contact licensed contractor for electrical and mechanical
  • If water was in home, mitigate 4 feet of sheet rock and insulation
  • Reinspections of electrical and mechanical
  • Contact City of Goldsboro inspections department for final inspections. The temporary condemned signs will be removed at this time once the inspections have been passed​

For additional information, please call Allen Anderson, the building codes inspector for the City of Goldsboro at 919-580-4385 or 919-580-4389