Golden Globes 2018: At Starry Parties, #MeToo Is Barely Noted

Posted January 7, 2018 4:23 p.m. EST

The wristbands at the BAFTA tea on Saturday were black, which these days seems terribly significant.

The party, sponsored by the British film and TV academy, is held every year at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills the day before the Golden Globes, and it’s an altogether dignified affair, with cucumber sandwiches, famous people, and of course lots and lots of tea.

ICYMI, actresses and gents plan to wear black to the Globes to protest sexual misconduct, and as a young man signing people into the tea confirmed, the wrist bands were making a statement.

The Globes are the first major Hollywood awards gathering since The New York Times reported accusations of sexual harassment against producer Harvey Weinstein. Conjecture over who might win has been all but eclipsed by the actresses’ plans to wear black, and musings about how on earth Seth Meyers will pull off his high-wire hosting act.

Yet the mood at the parties before Sunday’s ceremony didn’t seem all that different from other years. The same ingredients were there: schmoozing, publicists’ introducing their clients to an assembly line of Oscar and BAFTA voters, and rubbernecking at the celebrities. There they were at W Magazine’s party Thursday night at the Chateau Marmont: Gal Gadot, James Franco, Emilia Clarke, Sam Rockwell, Salma Hayek, Mary J. Blige, Kyle MacLachlan and Daniel Kaluuya, and again at the BAFTA tea, along with heaps more of their celebrity selves.

Yet if anyone was talking about #MeToo, I certainly couldn’t tell, though actress Andrea Riseborough, who played Billie Jean King’s love interest in “Battle of the Sexes,” was wearing a black tank top emblazoned, in white, with the words #TimesUp, the name of the anti-harassment initiative started by hundreds of Hollywood female bigwigs.

As it happened, her statement was so self-evident we didn’t end up talking it, but instead chatted about the merits of “Black Mirror” (she recently starred in the series). Maybe that’s what was happening at all the parties (including W Magazine’s It Girl luncheon, also held Saturday). Maybe everyone knows that #MeToo and #TimesUp were there, hovering in the background. But they’re waiting until show time, when the cameras are trained on them, to roll out the talking points.