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Glass recycling is back in New Orleans, but you have to drop it off

Posted June 11, 2018 8:05 p.m. EDT

— New Orleans residents can recycle their glass items again.

The Recycling Drop-Off Center at 2829 Elysian Fields is accepting glass after a two-month hiatus. The city stopped taking glass in April when the glass processor was unable to receive shipments of glass.

You can bring your glass items on the second Saturday of every month. You'll need to drive under the overpass on Elysian Fields to get to the recycling center.

The center accepts more than just glass. Here's a list of other items you can drop off:

Paper Products (newspapers, junk mail, phone books, catalog, office paper, color inserts)

Plastics #1 through #7 (water, soda, juice, detergent, plastic pots from nurseries, plastic bags, etc.)

Metals (Aluminum, Tin, Steel Cans)

Cardboard/boxboard (cereal boxes)/waxboard (juice and milk containers)

Mardi Gras beads

E-waste (computers, laptops, cell/phones, telephone systems, cable, x-Boxes, Playstations, Wii, MP3s, DVRs, DVDs, UPS, circuit systems, ink jet and toner cartridges, laptops, printers, fax machines, uninterruptible power supplies, circuit boards, digital cameras/picture frames, stereos, speakers, MP3 players, security systems, GPS devices, video games)

Televisions (limit 4)

Batteries (AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 6, & 9 volt)

Light bulbs (incandescent and fluorescent)

Glass (limit 50 lbs)

Tires (limit 4)

Since the city initiated a Recycling Drop-Off Center in August 2010, 1,085 tons of waste have been recycled.