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Gas grill malfunction blamed for Raleigh house fire

Posted June 8, 2008 9:12 p.m. EDT
Updated June 9, 2008 10:59 a.m. EDT

— A gas-grill malfunction is being blamed for a Raleigh house fire.

Emergency crews were called to the historic home on Byrd Street at about 6 p.m. Sunday.

Dr. Michael Bryan said he turned on the gas grill and went into the house. When he returned, he said, flames were shooting out the side of the grill.

The house, which was built in the 1930s, quickly caught fire.

Flames spread through the two-story home and into the attic within minutes.

“If there is ever a fire in your house, get out quick. I got to the front door and said, 'I'll go back and get my keys.' I looked back, and there were flames going into the kitchen,” homeowner Dr. Michael Bryan said.

The house suffered significant smoke damage.

There were no injuries, but an extra fire crew was called to help because of the heat.