FX Investigation of Louis C.K. Finds No Evidence of Workplace Misconduct

Posted January 7, 2018 5:54 p.m. EST

John Landgraf, the chief executive of the FX network, has said that an investigation into Louis C.K.'s workplace behavior there uncovered no new allegations of sexual misconduct against the comedian.

“We did not find any issues, complaints or incidents of misconduct of any kind in the eight years we worked together,” Landgraf said Friday at a media event for the Television Critics Association.

FX ended its relationship with Louis C.K. in November after he was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by five women in a New York Times report. They described a variety of disturbing encounters with Louis C.K. dating from the late ‘90s to 2005, including two instances in which he exposed himself and masturbated in front of three of the women.

Louis C.K. responded to those allegations by issuing a statement saying, “These stories are true.”

The partnership between FX and Louis C.K. began in 2009 with the television show “Louie,” which debuted in 2010. FX produced and distributed the program, which Louis C.K. created, wrote and directed.

In 2013 FX signed an overall deal with Louis C.K. and his production company Pig Newton to develop new series for the network. Together they produced four shows, “Better Things,” “Baskets,” “One Mississippi” and “The Cops.”