Fundraiser on Saturday for 2 local children injured overseas

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Faye Prosser

One of our fellow couponers has sent me some information about two local children who were traveling to visit their grandmother in Vietnam when they were badly injured in a car accident. They cannot return until they are well enough to travel and the medical expenses are paid. Their family and friends are having a fundraiser this weekend and they have set up an account at Sun Trust Bank where donations can be made, if you are interested. Here is the info on the girls and the fundraiser if you are going to be in the Durham area on Saturday.

The following info was sent by their friend, a regular poster on this blog:

The girls who were injured are:

Kim Tran Le (15) a student at the City of Medicine Academy

Diane Tran Le (10) a student at Eno Valley Elementary School

These 2 girls (U.S. Citizens) went to Vietnam to visit their aging Grandmother. They were in a very bad car wreck from the airport to their Grandmother's house. The girls are in the hospital and will be there approximately six weeks. United States health care does not cover medical expenses in Vietnam. Vietnam requires cash payment for all medical services. The girls can not return to the USA until they are well enough to travel and the medical expenses are paid in full.

Donations can be made at:
Sun Trust Bank


Fundraiser lunch this Saturday in Durham:
Panache's Nail & Spa Parking Lot across from Walmart
1517 Glenn School Rd. - Durham NC 27704
Saturday June 26, 2010
12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
Grilled Chicken BBQ with green beans, potatoes and roll $6.00

Sodas and bottled water $1.00

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