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Full Frame announces opening night film and tribute programming

Posted March 7, 2012 5:00 p.m. EST

Full Frame Festival

Durham’s Full Frame Documentary Film Festival has announced the world premiere of “Jesse Owens” as its 2012 Opening Night Film. The film’s writer and producer, Stanley Nelson, is the 2012 Full Frame Tribute honoree, whose films will play throughout the festival.

“Jesse Owens” is part of the PBS American Experience series. This film tells the story of African American track star Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany.

“Full Frame is an incredible festival that really appreciates documentary films, and I am truly delighted to be a part of it,” the film’s director, Laurens Grant, said. “It is also a great tribute to Jesse Owens, and serves to ensure his legacy is not forgotten.”

Throughout this year’s festival, Full Frame will pay tribute to Nelson for his contributions to documentary filmmaking. In addition to “Jesse Owens,” four other films directed by Nelson will screen throughout the festival: “The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords,” “Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple,” “A place of Our Own,” and “Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice.”

“Having this wonderful tribute to my work and the World Premiere of ‘Jesse Owens’ at this year’s Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is for me a double honor,” said Nelson.

If you attend the screening of “Jesse Owens” on April 12, stay after the show for a moderated conversation with both Grant and Nelson.

The 2012 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will take place April 12-15 in Durham. Tickets for pass holders are available beginning March 23 and go on sale to the general public on April 2.