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Frozen hummus - the results

Posted August 5, 2010 11:23 p.m. EDT

A couple weeks ago, there was a question on the blog about how well hummus freezes. I had not frozen hummus before because we always eat it up before it is anywhere close to expiring, so I didn't know the answer. I googled around and found that most folks said it freezes just fine but at least one site said it's a no-go. 

Well, I picked up a number of containers of hummus at Kroger last week during the $1.00 Athenos hummus sale using BOGO coupons I got from thecouponclippers.com. After sale and coupon expense, they were only .75 per container - a very good buy.  I also had a couple $1.00/1 coupons I found on a store display a couple weeks ago so those were free!

I froze a container of the artichoke garlic flavor last week and thawed it yesterday. Tonight was the moment of truth. To freeze or not to freeze. The verdict:


The hummus tasted great.  My husband offered that he thought freezing made it very cold and that was the only difference he could tell. Thank you, dear

Next experiment - making our own super garlic and roasted red pepper hummus because we both agree that store bought brands don't use enough garlic or red peppers.  I'll post the recipe when I actually get around to making it. 

Anyone have a favorite hummus recipe? Anyone else even eat hummus?