Friday Wrap: Hit the road, Jack

Posted August 1, 2014 7:33 p.m. EDT

— Senators left Raleigh early Friday after approving the $21.1 billion state budget, and House members are expected to follow suit Saturday morning.

But their session might not be over because of hard feelings over unfinished legislation and confusion over the resolution they need to pass to adjourn. The Senate version of the adjournment resolution put most issues off until after the November election, but the House plans to draft its own version – only the Senate is no longer around to address it.

The end of the session unraveled late Thursday and early Friday when House and Senate negotiators hit an impasse over legislation requiring Duke Energy to clean up coal ash ponds across the state. Each chamber pointed fingers at the other as to why lawmakers couldn't complete what many had said was one of their top priorities for the session.

During a news conference to announce that he would sign the budget, Gov. Pat McCrory said he would issue an executive order to get the cleanup process underway in the meantime.

Two bills that contain various economic development programs, as well as a provision capping local sales tax rates, also got snagged by the ill will between the House and the Senate and remain in limbo.