Friday Freebies and Moe's Giveaway!

Today's foolish Friday Freebies includes a fabulous giveaway from Moe's Southwest Grill here in the Triangle! Read on to enterthe giveaway and score some great samples and coupons!

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Faye Prosser

Welcome to Moe’s!

Today’s April Fool’s giveaway is no joke, my friends. The winner will receive lunch or dinner for 4 at any Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant here in the Triangle (a $25 value)!

Moe’s has kicked off a new Freshness Matters campaign and all local restaurants offer only the highest standards of food featuring gluten-free options, cage- and hormone-free chicken and grain-fed pork. As always, Moe’s doesn’t use any microwaves and never contains animal fat, lard or MSG. For those of us trying to lighten up a bit, Moe’s has a bunch of meals less than 450 calories. They also offer more than 20 gluten-free ingredients and their chicken, steak, tofu and pork are all prepared gluten-free. If you like veggies on your burritos, tacos and quasadillas, they have a TON of choices!

Thanks so much to Moe’s for sponsoring this month’s Friday Freebies Giveaway! Click HERE for the Moe’s of the Triangle website.

To enter this giveaway, post at the bottom of this page about an April Fool’s joke you have played on someone or a joke that was played on you. I’ll randomly choose the winning name on Tuesday at 11 am and post the winner soon after 11:00 AM. To post a comment, you must register with GOLO at the link on the bottom of the page.

Here’s the April Fool’s joke I played on my 11 year old this morning. I went into her bedroom just before her alarm went off and told her we overslept and we only had 10 minutes to get ready for school. You know, there’s nothing like a little panic to get a tweenager out of bed! I promise I told her very quickly that it was an April Fool’s joke so she wasn’t in an uproar for too long. She got a good chuckle out of it as well – and then went back to bed for 15 more minutes!

One more time…. Welcome to Moe’s!

Now on to the freebies:

$1.00/1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel coupon from – this is a rare coupon for this product so print now if you want it! There are also a number of good General Mills .75/1 printable cereal coupons here and a .60/3 Green Giant frozen veggies coupon on the site. Click HERE for the coupon.
Free sample of Wellness Dog and Cat food. Click HERE for the sample.
Free box of samples from Sample Showcase (through Start Sampling). Register for the Sample Showcase program to be eligible for one of the next boxes of samples shipping in just over 2 days. Once the boxes are available you have to log back into the site and request the box. It is first come first serve so watch the clock counter on the website so you don’t miss when they become available. There are 6-12 samples in each box and from what I hear, they are pretty good. From the time on the countdown on the website, the samples should be ready to request on Monday at noon. Click HERE to sign up.
Free safe water science kit to demonstrate how water is cleaned and purified for drinking in developing countries and disaster relief situations. Each kit contains PUR™ Purifier of Water packet, dirt/contaminant, stirring spoon, 2 liquid containers. Thanks to for this one! Click HERE for the kit.
Free sample Orville Redenbacher Pop-Up Bowl from (site says they are having trouble with form right bow but to check back later for the sample). Click HERE for the sample.
Free sample of FiberChoice and $2 printable coupon. Thanks to for this one! Click HERE for the sample and coupon.
$3.00 printable coupon for Pedigree dog food 8 lb or larger from Click HERE for the coupon.
.75/1 General Mills cereals printable coupons on including Kix, Cinnamon Burst Cheerios and Chex. These will get you some pretty good deals with the right sale. Click HERE for the coupons.



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