Free Chick Fil A meal at Cow Appreciation Day on Friday!

Don't miss free chicken at Chick Fil A on Friday during Cow Appreciation Day! There is a little something you have to do to get the free meal though.......

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Faye Prosser

Don't forget about Cow Appreciation Day this Friday!

July 9th – Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A! Get a FREE combo meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for everyone who comes to the restaurant fully dressed like a cow, from head to toe. Kids who come fully dressed like a cow can request a kids meal. Those dressed partially as cows (not head to toe) get a free entrée. I am already thinking about my head to toe costume from the ears to the tail to the hooves – combo meal, here I come!
We did this last year and used white clothes and taped black spots to them and then used rope as the tail and made construction paper ears taped to a headband. Very cute, very funny and very yummy combo meal!



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