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Freaky Veggies

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You can count on freaky veggies. You can count on them to be at the Fair along with sausage and french fries. You can count on people to try to touch them, though I don't know why. You can count on little kids to want to climb on the giant pumpkins. You can count on people to want their picture taken with the giant watermelon (why??)

The Exposition Hall, now in its second year, is a fun place to hang out. There's plenty of room on the inside to walk around the animals and the veggies, and the grass on the outside is a great place to park yourself and people watch, or watch the Dazzling Mills Family (or at least the backs of their heads.)

It's educational, too; I had no idea that sugar cane was grown in North Carolina. I knew that hot peppers were grown around here but I didn't know it was such a huge variety. I didn't know giant watermelons needed little kiddy mats to rest on. And I seriously didn't know how many germs could stay on your hands even after being washed. (don't try the "Germ Science" exhibit -- seeing how many germs can be left on your hands after washing -- unless you don't mind being a bit grossed out.)

Visit my page at Flickr for some more freaky veggies.