Fraudulent Doritos and Pepsi coupons - be aware!

Be aware that there are some fraudulent coupons for free and almost free products circulating via e-mail right now. Read on for more details.

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Fraudulent coupon
Faye Prosser

I have received multiple e-mails from readers this week about a number of fraudulent coupons circulating via e-mail. The coupons are pdf files or in Word documents for free Pepsi products, free Doritos and more. The readers wanted to know if they were ok to use. I want to thank all of them for checking and wanting to make sure they were doing the right thing. 

These coupons are not legit and are not meant to be circulated this way. They were not even created by the companies. If you receive the e-mail, let the person know who sent it that the coupon is fraudulent so they don't continue to send it to others.

Click on the link in the box to see information from the Frito Lay website about the Doritos coupon. If you receive this coupon, please do the right thing and do not try to use it. When people abuse coupons, the stores are much less likely to take them in the future. FYI - most stores will not take printable coupons for free products anymore because of fraud like this.

Thanks again to those who sent me the coupons to research!


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