Four ways to save on college dorm room essentials

Posted August 10, 2014 10:53 p.m. EDT

College tuition may be costly, but outfitting your collegiate student with dorm décor, apparel and everything to support a great academic year doesn’t have to be. With care, college students and their parents can make back to school preparations a wallet-friendly experience.

The discount experts at Dollar General are offering some helpful advice for saving on all your dorm room essentials.

Do Your Research

Many schools provide incoming students with contact information for future roommates. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a checklist of everything your room will need and what each of you will bring. By identifying duplicates, you can agree on what can be shared during the year.

Also, find out what amenities the school may provide in the dorms to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Snack Time

Snacks can be an essential for students whether they’re cramming for a big exam or cheering on their school’s athletic teams. 

Make sure you send your scholar to campus well-stocked with favorite sweets and healthy brain foods.  One way to ensure your student always has access to everything from coffee and condiments to packaged meal options is to let them order these items online directly from a discount retailer like Dollar General. 

Not only do they often offer free shipping, but they also have auto-renewal programs on items including coffee so the collegiate essentials can be automatically delivered on a periodical basis, decreasing the amount of time they spend shopping and possibly increasing the amount of time spent studying.


From bedding to bath towels to fans to an alarm clock, you don’t need to spend a fortune to outfit a dorm room. Skip the specialty stores and head straight to a one-stop discount retailer. Streamline your bedding with a comforter set.

Help students transition from the comforts of home to dorm life with decorative picture frames.  Not only can they complement their bedding and bath color schemes, they can also display family memories and new ones created in college.

School Supplies

Be sure to bring all the essential classroom supplies back to campus. Notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighters and more can help keep your notes organized when it comes time for exams. 

Other great tools like calendars and dry erase boards can help keep students’ schedules, homework assignments and quiz dates organized.

With the right shopping tips and tricks, you can make your dorm room feel just like home, no matter what your budget is.