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Four brothers help lead Faith Academy baseball to success

Posted May 4, 2018 9:39 a.m. EDT

— If you take a look at the Faith Academy baseball roster you might notice the last name Bell more than once.

"Funny thing is coaches always ask me how many Bells do you have in your lineup," said Matt Seymour, Faith Academy's Head Baseball Coach.

You will see the last name Bell four times to be exact.

They are all brothers.

Braxton is the oldest of the four.

"Braxton is the cool kid I guess. He is good at most stuff like anything he does he is good at," said Jackson Bell, the second oldest Bell brother.

"On the field he is a really hard worker and he is always trying to do the right thing and getting better every time," said Peyton Bell, the youngest of the Bell brothers.

Jackson is he second oldest.

"He is kind of more the quite type but that dude he's got 100 percent every single day," said Braxton Bell, the oldest Bell brother.

"Everything he does is always about trying to win. If he is playing a pop fly game he is always trying to win," said Peyton.

John griffin is the next in line.

"He is very competitive and he does not lose. He is going to be the winner every single time," said Braxton.

"Everyone likes him he is the kid that can be friends with anyone," said Jackson.

Last but not least, Peyton.

The youngest of the four, a freshman.

"He is very tough," said Braxton.

Growing up in the bell family meant two things.

One, you love baseball.

"I can remember being four five years old we would all be playing and throwing the ball around," said Braxton.

"Same thing every day. Baseball, and eat," said Peyton.

Two, you love winning.

"Four of us playing it was like who can be the best. Very competitive," said Braxton.

"In everything we did. Sports, video games, everything. It was who could win. That's how it could be," said Jackson.

Even though they might fight just like most brothers do, their pride of being on the same team and sharing the same last name is unlike anything else.

"Nobody can break us up and nobody can pull us apart," said John Griffin.