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Fort Worth Police Department hires Chewbaca as wookiee officer

Posted December 1, 2017 5:05 p.m. EST

— Just ahead of the release of the upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi, Chewbaca has a new job and a new partner (RIP, Han)! The wookiee officer (get it??) has joined the Fort Worth Police Department.

"We know things have been tough for Chewbacca lately. We hoped that we could find a place for him within our department," FWPD said in a video posted to the department's Facebook page. "Did it go well? You decide."

(That last part is called foreshadowing.)

Announcement of Chewbacca's new gig can be seen in the FWPD recruiting video. During roll call before patrol, an officer is told by a supervisor, "Jimmy, you get the wookiee."

A puzzled Jimmy replies, "I'm sorry. Did you say the rookie?"

After being corrected, Jimmy looks to his left and sees his new partner.

And so it begins, in a Cowtown patrol not so far, far away.

You would think the Lone Star state's impressive history of long tall Texans, big hair, and law enforcement wearing ten gallon hats would give us more headroom in police cars, but... nope.

Chewy's adventures training as a Fort Worth cop take him through routine traffic stops (we hope that woman has calmed down and her car is okay, btw), the shooting range, self-defense/physical training (we hope that other cop gets a new arm, btw) the locker room, and a heart-to heart with his new partner.

Fort Worth is looking for rookies in addition to wookiees, so the department came together to create the clever approach to recruiting.

As you can see in the video, Chewy's training has been a lot of fun -- and a bit challenging. But the (Fort Worth Police) force is with him.