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Former President Pushes Health Care, Green Jobs in Campaign Stop

Posted March 21, 2008 5:33 a.m. EDT

— Former President Bill Clinton spoke in Cary for about 45 minutes Friday afternoon, enumerating key policies he said his wife would focus on if elected president.

It was the first visit to the state for the Clinton campaign since late last year. He predicted the visit was the first of many as the North Carolina primary gains in importance in the highly-contested race for the Democratic nomination.

"This has been an amazing election, and it is, in a way, just the beginning," he said.

"Hillary will be here next week and every week until your primary," he predicted.

First he touched on the economy, saying, "This state is very much involved in all the promise and all the peril of America's economy."

He cited a Duke Power plan to create "green-collar" jobs as an example of the kind of effort Hillary would support.

"These green-collar jobs are not just for college graduates," he said, "And these jobs can not be outsourced to other countries."

"If that's what you want, I hope you'll support her for president," he urged.

He touched on the hot topic of health care, offering examples of how Hillary Clinton's plan would save money and offer coverage for all.

"Everybody will be able to afford it, but everybody must be in it. If you agree with that, that's another big reason to support her for president," he said.

He concluded with heartfelt support of her experience and preparation, saying he would support her even if she was not his wife and promised greater prosperity under a Hillary Clinton administration than under his own.