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Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif sentenced to ten years in prison

Posted July 6, 2018 7:42 a.m. EDT

— Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced to ten years in prison over corruption charges related to his family's purchase of overseas properties.

His daughter Mariam Nawaz, widely seen as Sharif's chosen political heir, was also found guilty and is facing seven years in prison. Her husband Captain Safdar has received a one-year jail sentence.

Judge Mohammad Bashir handed down the sentences in a court in Pakistan Friday.

Their properties in London will be confiscated by the Pakistani state, according to the verdict.

Sharif was removed from office last July after a corruption probe prompted by revelations of his family's finances in the Panama Papers leak.

The high court ruled that Sharif had been dishonest to Parliament and to the judicial system and was no longer fit for office.

Sharif was not named in the Panama Papers, but his three children were linked in the documents to offshore companies.

The leader had been at the helm of Pakistan's turbulent politics for more than three decades.

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