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Fore sale: Fuquay homeowners fight to stop golf course closure

Posted July 3, 2015 5:56 p.m. EDT

— Despite a legal setback, some homeowners in Fuquay-Varina say their fight to protect a golf course isn't over.

Residents who live next to Crooked Creek Golf Club, which will close Sunday, say developing the course is a broken promise that will hurt their property values.

The course owners plan to close the course, tear it up and build new homes. The owners say removal of the golf course was always their "end game" and point out that it’s even in the covenant that homeowners signed when they bought into the neighborhood.

Homeowners say they never realized that was part of the exit strategy. They filed a lawsuit last month to keep the fairways open. A judge sided with the course owners Thursday, allowing them to close the course.

Homeowner Ken Boone has placed a “For Sale” sign in his yard. He’s not really selling, he’s making a point. Boone says if enough “For Sale” signs appear in his neighborhood, a developer could shy away from putting more houses nearby, like on the golf course.

“For us that bought on a golf course, we paid a premium to live on the golf course. It won’t increase our home values,” he said.

Course owner Tony Withers declined an interview on the judge's ruling. He did say that golf's popularity is dwindling and competition from other courses is fierce. He called it a “very sad day” and said he’d like nothing more than to keep the course open but said it’s impossible.

Still, homeowners say their fight is still in full-swing, and their lawsuit is pending to keep the greens green.

“If construction starts, of course our quality of life would diminish greatly with the noise, the dirt, the trucks,” Boone said.