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Football team uses time off the field to help senior citizens shovel snow

Unless you have a snow blower or someone to do it for you, shoveling snow is a wintertime chore most people dread.

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YORK, PA. — Unless you have a snow blower or someone to do it for you, shoveling snow is a wintertime chore most people dread.

For some people, especially the elderly, help is on the way from one team that came to the rescue.

Sometimes the worst winter weather brings out the best in people.

Neighbor Nicki Jenc said "I am shocked, I really am. The whole situation. The first time I've ever seen this, you know. That's very kind of them. It really is."

On this particular winter day, members of the York Generals football team are out on snow patrol, shoveling sidewalks for senior citizens in York City.

York Generals owner and player Javan Matthews said "we're pretty busy. We get a lot of phone calls from a lot of elderly people that are in need, or are disabled. So, just trying to get out and help as much as we can."

"Especially it's so cold, and I'm just getting over a head cold. So I appreciate your help," Jenc said.

York Generals player Anthony Taylor said "just helping out with the community, let the elderly people stay inside, and catch warm."

There's no payment necessary for the service, as these guys get rewarded in other ways.

"Just to see somebody with a smile, someone, an elderly person that doesn't have to come out in this snow or anything like that and work extra hard. That just makes me feel good inside to know that I actually helped somebody out," Matthews said.

"It touched my heart, so hopefully we can look out for a lot of other people," Taylor said.

York Generals player Bob Moore said "we're just trying to be positive, to give back to the community. Any way we can."

For Matthews, his guys are a team both on and off the field.

"Bob, my quarterback, he's always there for me, he's always there. Anytime I call him, he's right there beside me. Vinnie as well. To get Anthony out here today was amazing. He actually just got off of work," Matthews said.

Even a cold day couldn't stop this team and its hotline to help.

"I'm used to this weather, it's football weather," Moore said.

"Ain't nothing like being on the field though. I could go from here, right to the field, right now," Moore added.

"Fun, workout, everything that can stay inside, stay warm. It's all good," Taylor said.

The snow shoveling effort also is more about giving back. It's about helping another group besides the elderly, and leading by example.

"Kids in the community, who love football. Not only just the people who love football, like on the field. It's also you've got to uphold off the field as well. So we try to show that by taking action," Moore said.

With more snow in the forecast, this team plans to keep busy for awhile.

"Until people stop calling, until people stop calling," Matthews said.

Seniors citizens in York City who could use a hand shoveling snow, may call the York Generals for help at 717-430-3078.

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