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How was your weekend? Cindy and I tried the new and highly regarded pizza restaurant in Cary near SAS. Bella Mia serves up some great coal-fired food. Now this is high-end pizza and you pay for it but the taste is exquisite. The charred crust and fresh basil along with roasted peppers created an intense flavor. These are thin pizzas. You'll probably want to order your own instead of sharing it if you have any appetite at all.

Saturday I spent several hours with my old radio buddy Greg Fishel. Greg and I worked together 30 years ago doing the weather and news for Mix 101.5 with Famous Bob Inskeep. Today Greg and I have opposite schedules so I rarely get to see him. We both signed photographs at Fan Fair in Raleigh on Saturday. One of the many reasons Greg is so hugely popular is his genuine personality and his warmth in dealing with crowds. He loves to talk with viewers and share weather-related stories.

My son Will came home over the weekend. After some budget work we watched the UNC-NCSU basketball game together and then dined on Cindy's famous chicken casserole. After church on Sunday we hugged Will and sent him off to Boone with an oil change and a car wash.

A viewer emailed me last week and asked what romantic restaurant would I recommend for Valentine's Day. The first one I thought of was The Angus Barn. My question to you today is - where do you like to go for a romantic meal?

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