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Florida recount: Where the Senate votes changed so far

Posted November 15, 2018 10:28 p.m. EST

— The machine recount results on Thursday for the Florida Senate race -- albeit with certain notable counties like Broward and Palm Beach missing -- showed both candidates actually losing votes overall compared to the original count, resulting in a nearly unchanged race between Republican Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson.

According to election results data provided to CNN by Edison Research after last week's election, and again Thursday after the recount, Scott -- who maintains the overall lead -- lost a total of 418 votes statewide during the recount. Nelson lost 459, giving Scott a slight net gain by that measure.

The changes are extremely small. Nelson gained less than 30 votes in Alachua County, which he dominated with more than 64% of the vote on Election Day. Scott gained the most votes in Miami-Dade County, another Nelson stronghold.

Each candidate did manage to boost their vote leads in specific counties. Here are the top counties where Nelson gained votes on Scott since the original tallies:

And here are the counties where Scott gained on Nelson after Thursday's recount:

Scott's overall lead now stands at more than 12,600, or 0.15%.

The election now heads to a manual recount of so-called "overvotes" and "undervotes" -- when a voter either skips a race, or appears to vote twice for the same office.

Broward County officials said Thursday they had uploaded their new recounted vote tallies two minutes past the deadline, resulting in them being rejected by the state. Palm Beach County also missed Thursday's deadline.