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Floods Devastate Colorado

Posted September 18, 2013 1:45 p.m. EDT

The death toll in Colorado's flooding continues to rise as over 1,000 people are unaccounted for and rescue teams are struggling to get out and help in rainy, dangerous conditions. The devastation of the flooding is exacerbated now by the soil saturation level, which leaves many communities primed for flash floods; if any more water shows up, the soil simply can't absorb it, and the result can be a horrific and sudden rush of water.

Clearly, Denver remodeling companies are going to be busy for months and years during the recovery process as Colorado residents try to rebuild their lives after the horrors of the flooding. If you're watching from the sidelines now and feel powerless to help, though, there are some things to do. The Denver Post has a roundup of charities actively working to help flood victims, and it's also warning against scams, an unfortunately common problem in the wake of disasters.

If you love animals, consider contributing to the Larimer Humane Society, which is providing sheltering and support for displaced animals. Foothills United Way is administering a flood relief fund for both short-term and long-term assistance. Help Colorado Now has more information on additional charities accepting donations, and other ways you can assist residents of the state.

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